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On “13 Unwelcome Truths: On Chinese International Students and Asian American Studies”

First of all, why is this article so aggressive HAH. The tone of this author. In an earlier rendition on Angry Asian Man she titled the piece “ON CHINESE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (OR, SORRY IF THIS COMES OFF A LITTLE YELLOW PERIL”. Fair, it does come off that way. But it's not if you read more closely and with nuance…  The author erin Khue Ninh makes the case that American higher education institutions are failing Chinese international students — by treating them like easy money, not providing mental health support, by failing to be stringent on policies around cheating and academic responsibilities. Things that are uncomfy to talk about like cheating and lack of English abilities are real issues, but when administrators chose to ignore this, they are exploiting these students who may ˘— but not always — be paying full tuition. They are treating them as expendable and not worth caring for. What is also quite sad and tenuous is the fact that many Asian American college students tak