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Getting to Draft No. 4

 No. 1 Write this for no one for yourself, put in all the whims and angles that delight you, and keep you deeply curious.  The first draft is exciting, bewildering and fresh. - John August Draft No. 2 is cleaning up and selecting what interests you the most.  For the second draft, you have all sorts of brilliant new ideas and suggestions to try out, so that keeps it interesting. Draft No. 3—you should begin to consider that what you wrote may be shared. The third draft is generally damage-control from the second draft, where many of those good ideas ended up not working. Try to be inspired by just another script’s writing style. Just one screenplay that you read over and over again and dissect how they do it in their own way, so that you can do it in your own way. As you are examining that successful screenplay, you are also very slightly opening the door to consider what makes sense to you, versus what makes sense to your audience. Here you are beginning to consider asking someone you